We love coloured hair!

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I’m seriously missing the good old days, dude.

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Name: MollyAge: 16Location: UK

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Name: Molly
Age: 16
Location: UK

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lonelypeoplebrokenhearts asked: I have Light skin (not super pale but not dark at all) and greyish blue eyes. do you thing a strawberry blonde would look good on me. I have some selfies on my about page. if you have time could you check it out? or if you have other suggestions. Thank You!


Anonymous asked: Manic Panic Infra Red goes on rather vibrant and long-lasting over natural dark brown hair. I dyed my hair, half natural dark brown roots and half bleached out, with Infra Red about a month ago and my hair is still vibrantly red on both parts.

Anonymous asked: Hey. I have dark brown hair and dont want to bleach my hair because its already very thin and I was wondering what colour would go on it well?

Any suggestions, guys?

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Name: Ai LinAge: 20Location: Oklahoma City

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Name: Ai Lin
Age: 20
Location: Oklahoma City

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